Rotolificio Pugliese

Rotolificio Pugliese s.r.l.

Via Properzio Sesto, 40 – 76123 Andria (BT) Tel: +39.0883.595223 – Fax: +39.0883.592415


Since the early 1990s, Rotolificio Pugliese produces and distributes in Italy and abroad rolls and labels for office, industry and mass retail channel. The headquarters is located in Andria (Puglia) in a building over 5,000 msq. Our production process is constantly improving. Currently there are 6 production lines: labels (in rolls and plane), with the possibility to print up to 8 colors, and 5 lines for the production of thermal paper rolls and plotter rolls, characterized by strong automation. The leading priority is the environmental respect: we use raw material with the highest environmental certifications and renewable energy made by photovoltaic system.

Rotolificio Pugliese is in touch with each customer in the national area by a wide agent network and has a specific office to satisfy the needs of foreign customers.

Years of experience and a big production capacity allow Rotolificio Pugliese to be a great partner for each customer, standing out for excellent quality and the respect of delivery time, with competitive prices.

Rotolificio Pugliese sarà presente al Paperworld 2019

Intervento  realizzato con il sostegno dei Fondi “PO Puglia 2014‐2020 – Azione 3.5 – Avviso per l’erogazione di voucher a favore dei processi di internazionalizzazione delle micro, piccole e medie imprese pugliesi – Voucher Fiere 2018-19”